Welcome To MY Blog!

I NEVER thought I would be making my own blog about hair, but here it is. I figured it would be a great way for me to document my hair journey, not just for myself, but to inspire others as well. Since I’m already 28 months into my hair journey, I’ll start out by catching you up on what’s been going on so far. I got my last relaxer on July 5th, 2009. I decided to stop relaxing my hair because I wanted to grow it out to it’s full potential. Since then, I’ve bleached my hair twice, colored it twice, and straightened it at least once a week for the first year and a half of my journey. Doesn’t sound too healthy right? Well now I’ve got it together and am proud to call myself a healthy natural. I haven’t straightened my hair in almost three months, I’ve been using henna, and I’ve been treating my hair a lot better than I used to. Come on the journey with me!

Relaxed and highlighted (2007)

Twist N Curl (Oct 2011)