A Successful Twist N Curl

For about a little less than a year now I’ve been trying to perfect the famous CurlyNikki Twist N’ Curl. I’m happy to report that this past Saturday, I’ve gotten close to my desired results. To start off, I washed my hair with TreSemme Moisturizing Shampoo and detangled with TreSemme Moisturizing Conditioner. I then deep conditioned with Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil Deep Conditioner. I put on a plastic cap and sat underneath the dryer for about 30 minutes. I washed it out, and divided my hair into 9 sections. I detangled with Kimmaytube leave-in and a Denman brush. I added Jamaican Mango and Lime Lock and Twist Gel for hold and twisted my hair. I then rolled my twists on small flexirods. I sat under the dryer for another 30 minutes and let it dry overnight. I would say my hair was 90% dry when I released the twists the next morning.



4 thoughts on “A Successful Twist N Curl

  1. Looks gorgeous Charelle!! Try, try and try again I always say;)! It definitely worked for you:)!! I loved the Jamaican Mango & Lime lock gel for my WnGs, but never thought to use it for TnCs! Great modification/adjustment! That’s what it’s all about!! Finding what works for you! Beautiful lady!

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