A Look Back

Nothing shows a journey more than a bunch of pics! So here’s a look back at my hair journey, from birth till now, enjoy!


I didn't start growing hair till about age 2, lol

I thought I was hot here at age 3, clips and barrettes galore!

Kindergarten graduation, my mom did a big bun in the back, and curled the front

Age 8, me and the famous Clifton Davis of Amen and That's My Mama

Big Braids and Bubbles (my signature childhood style)

Age 14 (8th grade graduation), by now my hair had been relaxed for six months at age 11, fell out and grew back, and now I discovered the pressing comb smh

Relaxed again age 18

Still Relaxed Age 21 (Oct. '08)

Feb '11, Welcome Back Curls! (5 months fully natural)


5 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. Okay, I’m such a dip!!! You were the FIRST person to send a pic into me! LOL!!! But, it wasn’t any of the picture that you used above …. so guess that’s why I didn’t realize that! LOL!! I’m still going to try to get some more:).

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