Is That Growth I See?

January 15th will mark 4 months since I last straightened my hair. I’m going to a banquet that night, and I thought it would be the perfect time to get my hair professionally done, straightened and trimmed properly. I’m accustomed to trimming my hair at least once a month, so going 4 months without a trim has probably been brutal on my ends.

Since I entered the Hairscapades GOC (Grow Out Challenge) I’ve been really careful with the way I treat my hair. The challenge started on August 1st 2011, but I entered the challenge in the middle of September, so I decided to straighten and trim my hair at that time so I could start the challenge without split ends. My roomie gave me a little trim, and since then I’ve been washing and deep conditioning once a week along with monthly henna treatments and A LOT of protective styling.

I did a length check after my hair was trimmed in Sept. and I just did another one yesterday. Comparing the two pictures I can see how much my hair has grown in only 4 months, I never imagined I would have made it to Armpit Length so quickly. In the first pic, I hadn’t made my GOC t-shirt yet, but I compared the lines on the t-shirt in the second pic and made a line across the pic where the lines would have been. I can’t wait to see what lengths my hair will reach in 2012!


2 thoughts on “Is That Growth I See?

  1. cool T shirt… I need to make one like that to track my progress. I swear my hair is going backwards smh. But yup girl, your hair is GROWING!

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