So, I previously swore off damaging agents from my hair such as bleach and dyes and such. However, I got the itch to highlight my hair after seeing some cute highlights on some natural bloggers I follow. I decided that I didn’t want to spend the money to have them professionally done, so I enlisted the help of one of my friends and we did them ourselves. It was pretty much the effect I was seeking, and it gives me a reason to keep up with moisturizing and protein deep conditioning treatments so that my hair can stay healthy. Plus, I love color!!!! I only highlighted pieces from the front quarter of my hair as it was quicker and minimizes any damage that may occur. I mixed equal parts of Clairol Pure White 20 developer and the powder lightener, placed foils under the hair and applied the mixture. Once I was done with a section, I waited until I was happy with the color and washed it out section by section to avoid over-processing.



6 thoughts on “Highlights

      • Oh wow! I have both of those. I love the Knot Today, but the Curling Custard didn’t thrill me. I never do a wash and go because of the shrinkage factor, but yours looks good and like it didn’t shrink a lot.

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