Revisiting Old Methods


See how the conditioner just sits on top of my strands? Smh…

When I first cut off all my relaxed ends, I was excited to experiment with new products and methods that I had seen on and I tried just about everything, silicones and no silicones, conditioners, gels, twist outs, twist n curls, wash n gos, and the list goes on and on. I was disappointed with most of my experimentation, my hair did not come out the way that I envisioned it most of the time, plus I had to deal with the straighter/heat damaged left side of my head which always ruined a hairstyle that I was trying to achieve. So now that my hair is more even and has grown out more, I want to revisit some of the methods that I had previously tried that were an epic fail at the time.

The first method I wanted to retry was the Tightly Curly Method. I purchased the book Curly Like Me by Teri LaFlesh that outlines the method and goes on to highlight the good and bad parts of Teri’s journey. Retrying this method led me to two conclusions that I’m happy to have finally figured out.


Number 1: This method is not for me. The conditioner just sits on top of my hair and my curls don’t clump. Number 2: I have coarse, low porosity strands (which would be the reason for number 1). This information is monumental for me, now I can experiment with products that will actually cater to my hair, and help keep that moisture in.


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